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African American Leaders Speak Out About Stuart Case (1990)
African American Mayors (1987)
African American Youth and Education in Boston (1968)
All About Madison Park (2007)
Angela Paige Cook Comments on Standardized Testing (1977)
Appeal for Parcel 18 as MWRA site (1989)
The Art Genius of Roxbury, MA and Boston (2005)

Banks Improve Services to Low-Income Neighborhoods (1990)
Barbara Barrow Comments on Judge Garrity's Altered Desegregation Plan (1976)
Black/Jewish Seder (1989)
Black/Jewish Seder supper (1991)
Black or African American (1989)
Boston School Report (1974)

Caribbean Carnival Boston (2006)
Carol DiMaiti Stuart Foundation (1990)
Chuck Turner Interview (1974)
Confrontation Between Anti-busing Mothers and Police in Charlestown (1975)
The Cost of Progress, A Comunity Lost (2006)

Deputy Supt. William Celester (1990)
Dr. Virgil Woods and Dr. Helen Edmonds Discuss Civil Rights (1985)
Drop-a-Dime Program (1984)
Drug Traffic in Roxbury Housing Development (1986)
Dudley Square (2007)

Ellis-Hagler Proposes Stronger Ties Between Police and Community (1989)
Elma Lewis Talks About the Roxbury Community (1988)

The Five Bostons (1983)
Flynn and Bolling Unveil Plans for Roxbury Development (1986)
For Roxbury (2008)
Franklin Park Zoo (1987)
From My Hood to Your Hood (2007)

The Gentrification of Roxbury (2006)
Groundbreaking Ceremony for Roxbury Community College (1985)
Grove Hall Revitalization Program (1988)

History of Mission Hill (2007)
Home-ownership and Land Development in Roxbury (1989)

The Imani Institute (1989)
Interview with Charles Ray about Roxbury High School (1978)
Interview with Dan Quayle (1990)
Interviews with Students at English High School (1975)

Jackson Square MORE Grant Announced (2008)
John Silber Holds a Press Conference in Roxbury (1990)
John Wilson Talks About His Sculpture Eternal Presence (1987)

Krumping for Christ (2009)

Lack of Summer Jobs for Urban Youth (1990)
Lil Kim Promo (2000)
Louis Eliza Talks About African-American Participation in the Environmental Movement (1990)

The Makings of a Leader (2007)
Mandela, Massachusetts Referendum Question (1986)
Melnea Cass Interview (1974)
Mission Hill Housing Project (1946)
Mission Hill Open Space (2008)
Mission Hill Residents Protest Needle Exchange (1991)
Muriel Snowden Wins a MacArthur Fellowship (1987)
My 2007 Semester @ Roxbury Community College (2007)
"My One Vote" (2008)
My Roxbury Video Poem (2003)

Negative Media Coverage of the Roxbury Neighborhood (1990)
Next Stop: Roxbury Crossing (2008)

Opening day at the Dearborn School (1975)
Orange Line Elevated Tracks and Stations (1987)
Our Destiny (2007)

Patriots Day in Roxbury (1991)
Playing from the Music Malcolm Wrote (1973)
Positively Roxbury (2008)
Press Conference in Support of Mandela, Massachusetts (1986)

Response to Herald Article on Madison Park (2007)
Reverend Eugene Rivers (1990)
Review of School Desegregation in Boston (1978)
Roxbury Construction Jobs (1990)
Roxbury Crossing (2008)
Roxbury Demands End to Drug Crime (1988)
Roxbury Heritage in Dudley Square (2008)
Roxbury High School Students (1978)
Roxbury Juneteenth Celebration (2007)

School Desegregation compilation (1974)
Sidewalk Memories (2008)
Stop Robbing Our 'Hood (2008)
Study Finds Boston Banks Guilty of Redlining (1989)
The Struggle for a Good Education (2007)

TeenTV Visits the Roxbury Film Festival (2006)
Tobin Elementary School (1976)

Youth Pass Ride! (2008)