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Discover Roxbury Tours
A Partnership between
ACT Roxbury and
The Bridges Program

Bridges Program Tours

Listed here are the tours the Bridges Program has coordinated over the past eight years.

Roxbury Art and History Tours

Roxbury Open Studios Tour
1999, 2000, 2001, 2002
In cooperation with ACT Roxbury, for the general public

Visit to artist’s studios and group exhibits open during Roxbury Open Studios including Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artists, African American Master Artists in Residency Program (AAMARP), Gallery G. Lunch at local restaurant.

Roxbury Holiday Art and Shopping Tour
1999, 2000, 2001, 2002
In cooperation with ACT Roxbury, for the general public

Stops at stores and restaurants in Roxbury including: Nubian Notion, Jamaicaway Books, Hamill Gallery of African Art, Dudley Square Soul Food, Dudley Café, CK African Imports, United House of Prayer for All People cafeteria, Gallery G.

Roxbury is Rich Art Tour (1999)
In cooperation with ACT Roxbury, for the general public. Visit to Color Circle Art Publishing Company and Renaissance Art and Design, Museum of National Center of Afro-American Artists, Edward Everett Hale House and African American Master Artists in Residency Program (AAMARP)

Introduction to Roxbury’s History
In cooperation with Dudley Square Main Streets, African American National Historic Site, MYTOWN, Dillaway Thomas House, Roxbury Historical Society, Roxbury Highlands Historical Society, MYTOWN.

Lexington Historical Society, 1999
Winchester Multicultural Network, 2000
Massachusetts Teachers Association, 2001

Vists to African Meeting House, Dudley Square, Dillaway Thomas House, First Church of Roxbury, Hamill Gallery of African Art, Edward Everett Hale House, Rockledge, Eustis Burial Ground.

School Tours
For students and staff.

Introduction to Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan
In cooperation with local METCO Programs and schools.

Led by Boston METCO students and/or parents, highlighting important institutions in neighborhoods where they live. Stops have included Dudley Branch Library, Dorchester Boys and Girls Club, Chez Vous, METCO Inc., Roxbury Center for Performing Arts, Freedom House, Nubian Notion, Charles St. AME Church, New Covenant Christian Center, 12th Baptist Church, Sportsmen’s Tennis Center, Highland Park, Dillaway Thomas House, Franklin Park Zoo, Bethel AME Church, AAMARP and more.


School staff tours
Lexington: Bowman(1995), Hastings(1995), Harrington(1996), Estabrook(1996), Bridge Elementary Schools(1997), Lexington High School (1996,1998,1999), Clarke Middle School(1999), Diamond Middle School (2002), Lexington Professional Development (May, 1997; October,1997; May, 1998; October, 1998, 1999, 2000)
Belmont: Belmont METCO Program (consultation) (2000)
Weston: Weston METCO Program (1996, 2000, 2001)
Newton: Burr and Mason Rice Elementary Schools (2000)
(in partnership with Nadine Houston, Newton METCO)

Student tours
Lexington: Clarke Eighth Grade Team(1998,1999), Estabrook 5th grade (1997), METCO Family Friend Program (1999), Place Program at Lexington High School (2000)
Needham: Pollard Middle School 7th Grade Trip (2000,2001) (consultation)

Immigration in the South End
In cooperation with MYTOWN, Inc.

Fiske and Bowman Elementary Schools, 5th grade (2000,2001)

Visit to sites highlighting the various immigrant groups living in the South End—Berkeley Community Garden, Church of St. John, Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Villa Victoria, Blackstone Park and Plymouth Hospital.

Introduction to Roxbury

Hunnewell School, 3rd grade, Wellesley (2001)
Young People’s Group, Bethany Hill School, Framingham (2003)

African art workshop at Hamill Gallery of African Art, Dillaway Thomas House, Reggie Lewis Center, view murals, Bob the Chef’s.

Roxbury Art Tour
In cooperation with Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artists
For Weston Middle School, 6th grade team, (2001)

Guided visit to Museum and tour of public art in Roxbury with stop at
Highland Park.

African Americans in Lexington
For Hastings Elementary School, Lexington (2001)

Focused on the history of African Americans in Lexington, in particular, Black Minutemen who fought on the Lexington Green, and on METCO in its early days. Featured a visit by Charles Price, a Lexington Minuteman who portrays Prince Estabrook, a slave and Minuteman in 1775.