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About Discover Roxbury

We invite you to Discover Roxbury, a culturally rich, historically significant, and creative community, whose legacy goes back to Native American times. Discover Roxbury tours highlight the strengths and assets of the Roxbury community by offering tours focusing on art, history and architecture. Tour participants contribute to the revitalization and economic revival in Roxbury today by bringing trade to local businesses, restaurants, artists and stores, and audiences to cultural institutions, museums and galleries.

• Discover Roxbury welcomes both Boston and Greater Boston residents (newcomers and long-term) and visitors to Massachusetts to the Roxbury community.

• Discover Roxbury helps put Boston on the map as a forward looking, innovative and welcoming city that celebrates the cultural wealth of all its population and neighborhoods.

• Discover Roxbury tours promote connection, social trust and a healthy relationship between the suburbs and city.

• Discover Roxbury tours foster cultural equity by promoting the rich culture of Roxbury, a place many people do not think of as a cultural destination. We seek to change that, to open minds, hearts and eyes by celebrating the richness of the Roxbury community and its residents.

• Discover Roxbury is a joint project of ACT Roxbury and the Bridges Program.

The Bridges Program and ACT Roxbury have worked together since our initial co-sponsorship of a “Roxbury is Rich” art tour in 1999. Since then, each year we have offered a tour to Roxbury Open Studios in October and a Holiday Art and Shopping Tour in December. In collaboration with many other local groups and people, we have coordinated almost fifty tours of Roxbury and surrounding neighborhoods. Almost 1800 visitors have come to see Roxbury with new eyes.

People love our tours saying: “The highlights were the gorgeous art, the beauty of each gallery/museum, the friendliness and happiness to share with us,” “The trip was a totally new and inspirational experience,” “I did not expect such interesting places of business,” “I learned that Boston is not all crime, racism and drugs,” “Roxbury is really quite beautiful, the buildings intriguing.”

The obvious success of the tour program encouraged us to take the next step. In January of 2003, we began the process of forming a Roxbury tour program, Discover Roxbury with increased capacity to offer tours on a regular basis. Discover Roxbury is now in the development phase, securing funding for a pilot program offering public tours on the first Saturday of the month and custom tours for community groups, churches, synagogues and schools.

In order to implement the pilot program we are seeking $15,000 in funding. We welcome you to make a contribution to Discover Roxbury and to join us on one or more of our fall and winter tours.

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm in the past, present and future!