Sunday, December 15, 2013
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ArtROX! Roxbury Open Studios with Discover Roxbury Roxbury Open Studios

October 4-6, 2013

All eyes on Roxbury Open Studios! This annual event is an opportunity for Roxbury's visual artists to welcome the public to view and purchase paintings, drawings, sculptures, textiles, jewelry and other studio crafts. The event also provides a means for individual creativity to play its part in the cultural and economic development of Roxbury.

All venues are free and open to the public, unless otherwise indicated.

Friday, October 4, 5pm
Interplay!, featuring Basil El-Halwagy's fine arts superheroes.
  Roxbury Crossing MBTA Station
  (Rain date is Saturday at 12pm)

Friday, October 4, 6pm-8pm
  Opening reception with refreshments
provided by
  Haley House Bakery Cafe and Millennium Restaurant
  Museum of the National Center of Afro American Artists
  300 Walnut Ave, Roxbury
Saturday, October 5, 11am-6pm
  Artists on display at various locations.
  Interactive events (details below):
1-2pm: Writing workshops with Grub Street
    Hibernian Hall, 184 Dudley Street

1-3pm: Archaeology training and dig
    Shirley-Eustis House, 33 Shirley Street

1-4pm: Art-making with sparc! the Artmobile
    Roxbury Community College, 1234 Columbus Avenue

    3-4pm: Artist
talk with Ekua Holmes
    Piano Factory, 791 Tremont Street

Saturday, October 5, 6:30-8pm
  Passing the Baton:
  Art for Community Development & Social Justice
  UUUM/First Church, 10 Putnam Street  

    A panel conversation with AfriCOBRA artists about the
    influence of long-standing artists collectives.

Sunday, October 6, 11am-6pm
  Artists on display at various locations.
Interactive events (details below):
    1-2pm: Writing workshops with Grub Street
    Hibernian Hall, 184 Dudley Street

1-3pm: The Art of Apples
    Shirley-Eustis House, 33 Shirley Street

Alternatives for Community & Environment (ACE)
Grow or Die Garden, 2467 Washington Street (Dudley Square)

As an environmental justice organization, art is a major component in our campaigns for clean air, affordable and healthy food, first-class public transportation and more. Our posters, banners, T-shirts, buttons and materials are designed to both capture attention and amplify social justice.

African American Master Artists in Residency Program
76 Atherton Street (near Egleston Square)

Bryan McFarlane, painting
Don West, photography
Gloretta Baynes, mixed media/airbrush
Jeff Chandler, wood sculpture
Khalid Kodi, painting/mixed media
Kofi Kayiga, painting
L’Merchie Frazier, textiles/mixed media
Marlon Forrester, mixed media/photography
Ricardo Gomez, painting/mixed media
Shea Justice, painting/illustration
Susan Thompson, textiles/mixed media
Walter Clark, metal sculpture

Cooper Community Garden and Education Center
34 Linwood Street (Fort Hill) *NEW SITE*

Fourteen portraits created by Greater Boston area youth of leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (Boston STEAM) illustrating significant contributions of Americans of African Descent for decades to America and the world.

Dillaway-Thomas House at Roxbury Heritage State Park
183 Roxbury Street (John Eliot Square)

Antonio Menefee, hand-crafted wooden chess boards
David Mynott II, painting and sketches
Derek Lumpkins, photography
Double Dimensions, mixed media
Lambpots, ceramics/pottery
Maddu Huacuja, painting
Maurice Sanderson, painting
Monicka Hasan, mixed media

Hibernian Hall
184 Dudley Street (Dudley Square)

A Gem Amour, jewelry
A Good Piece of Glass, glass design and glassware
Anthony Lanier, sketching
Antonieta Gimeno, photography
Blessings to You, mixed media
Catherine Joseph, glass design and glassware
Chalaun Jewelry, jewelry
Cagen Luse, mixed media
Camera Lady, photography
Chaunce’s Place, shoes and clothing
Cindeez Bead Designz, jewelry
Davis Designs, jewelry
Designs by Malika, mixed media
Grub Street, literary workshops
Irene Smalls, books, cards, postcards
LaShona Tyree, ceramics/pottery
Lucilda Dassardo-Cooper, painting
Luse BodyWorks, massage
M.E. Creations, jewelry
Naomi Henry, textiles
Pat’s Art Work, painting
Patricia Thaxton, mixed media
Percy Davis Art, painting
Salamander Arts, sculpture
Shez! Cakes and Crafts, jewelry
Willie Wideman-Pleasants, books
Zahirah Truth, mixed media

Piano Factory
791 Tremont Street (Lower Roxbury)

Ekua Holmes (Studio #N200), mixed media
Piano Factory Gallery, annual group show

Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministry (First Church)
10 Putnam Street (John Eliot Square)

Barbara Verneus, mixed media
Earl Fields, painting
Glam Designs by Gina, clothing
Laura Palmer Edwards, mixed media
Marilyn Jan Casey, painting
Peter Bass, painting

Dudley Square 

18 Palmer Street, #204B/C *NEW SITE*
Laurel Kirtz, clothing/costume design

26 Palmer Street *NEW SITE*
Rufus Faulk, painting

Fort Hill

7 Linwood Square
Dianne Zimbabwe, paintings and postcards

9 Fulda Street
Hawthorne Youth and Community Ctr (HYCC)
mixed media

13 Dudley Street, Unit 1 *NEW SITE*
Janeen St. Louis, jewelry

21 Hawthorne Street
Lisa Lee, fabric art and jewelry

41 Hawthorne Street *NEW SITE*
Abena's Family, rag doll figures

44 Highland Street
Taylor Pam, painting

76 Thornton Street
Wendy Ellertson, mixed media

88 Cedar St, Unit 4
Do-Right Ministries, painting

111 Centre Street *NEW SITE*
Theodore Green, hand-crafted shoes and boots

Lower Roxbury

21 Warwick Street *NEW SITE*
Ian Doreian, photography

Moreland Street Historic District

11 Montrose St
Mary Churchill, photography
Ernesto Valencia, photography

Gallery UMAA  *NEW SITE* 
28 Circuit Street (Fountain Hill)

Contemporary Islamic art

Haley House Bakery Café
12 Dade Street (Dudley Square)

AfriCOBRA at 45:
Chicago/International Black Arts Aesthetic

Featuring the works of AfriCOBRA artists: Nelson Stevens, Barbara Jones-Hogu, Carolyn Lawrence, Michael Harris, Wadsworth Jarrell, Frank Smith, and Napoleon Jones-Henderson. All of the artwork is from Napoleon Jones-Henderson’s personal collection. Several works will be for sale.

Millennium Restaurant *NEW SITE*
3094 Washington Street (Egleston Square)

Artwork by George Anastos
Acrylic and Gouache paint on canvas, paper and found objects. Recent images are of trees and plant life. Greeting cards, hand painted lamp shades, and umbrellas will also be for sale on Sunday.

391 Dudley Street (Mt. Pleasant)

Colette “KoKKo” Bresilla presents KoKKo’s Geishas: A Collection of Geishas Painted by Colette Bresilla

National Center of Afro-American Artists (NCAAA)
300 Walnut Avenue

Artwork from the global Black community, including King Aspelta's chamber.

Resnikoff Gallery at Roxbury Community College
1234 Columbus Avenue (Roxbury Crossing)

Faces of Faith: Celebrating Cancer Survivorship

An exhibit of profile photographs by Sam Ogden, staff photographer at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute of 19 cancer survivors, all of whom are volunteers from the faith-based cancer disparities network, to show individuals of color living vibrant, active lives after a cancer diagnosis.

Hibernian Hall Conference Room
184 Dudley Street (Dudley Square)

Jumpstart Your Writing with Grub Street
Join one of Grub Street’s best instructors for an hour of innovative and inspiring prompts that will get you brainstorming ideas for new stories and writing new scenes. The focus will be on creating memorable characters and settings, inventing plots and improving dialogue. This session is designed for people interested in writing fiction and nonfiction, but poets will also benefit from the challenge. Grub Street will be present throughout weekend to answer questions and provide information.
• Saturday, 1-2pm : Grace Talusan, instructor
• Sunday, 1-2pm: Adam Stumacher, instructor

Resnikoff Gallery at Roxbury Community College
1234 Columbus Ave (Roxbury Crossing)

sparc! the Artmobile (Saturday, 1-5pm)
Art-making for people of all ages.

Shirley-Eustis House
33 Shirley Street

Mastodon Paleontology – Discovering the Past
**This activity has been canceled.**
Freedom of Information Exhibit
Exhibited in the Shirley-Eustis House orchards, this kinetic, public art installation is a humorous commentary on our use and trust of the internet for learning. Designer Ioana Urma will install this fascinating glimpse into why we surf the web and how this affects the way we learn.

History Beneath our Feet (Saturday, 1pm)
It’s time to do some digging in honor of Massachusetts Archeology Month!  Learn how archeologists learn about the past from what they find in the ground!  We will dig in sandboxes to uncover treasures left behind.  Visitors will learn the proper ways to dig, record facts and put together an 18th century mystery!
$5 for adults, $4 for students and seniors.
FREE with house tour.
The Art of Apples (Sunday, 1-4pm)
Apples as art?  Join Jay Adams as he unravels the mysteries of apples as art. Tasty apple treats will be included as well as a tour of our heritage orchard. 
$5 for adults, $4 for students and seniors.
FREE with historic Shirley-Eustis House tours.
Shirley-Eustis House Tours (Sat & Sun, 1-4pm)
Tour the main mansion.
$5 for adults, $4 for students and seniors.



Roxbury Open Studios maps:

  View online  |  Download a copy

Shuttle buses:
The City of Boston will run free shuttle vans to transport patrons around Roxbury Open Studios on October 5 and 6. The vans will depart from Stony Brook and Roxbury Crossing MBTA stations at 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, and 5pm.

Click to view Loop A (runs counterclockwise)
Stony Brook MBTA Station > Millennium Restaurant > Museum of the NCAAA > Circuit St at Walnut Ave > Dudley Square fire station (Hibernian Hall) > Haley House Bakery Cafe > Roxbury Heritage State Park > Cedar St at Centre St (Fort Hill) > Stony Brook
MBTA Station

Click to view Loop B (runs clockwise)
Roxbury Crossing
MBTA Station > John Eliot Square > Hibernian Hall > MUS!KAVANHU Arts Gallery > Shirley-Eustis House > Gertrude Howes Playground > UMAA (26 Circuit St) > Cedar Square Park > Cedar St at Highland St (Fort Hill) > AAMARP > Roxbury Crossing MBTA Station

Roxbury Open Studios Derrick Sanderson
Maurice Sanderson

Hakim Raquib Roxbury Open Studios
Hakim Raquib

A Gem Amour Roxbury Open Studios
A Gem Amour

Dianne Zimbabwe Roxbury Open Studios
Dianne Zimbabwe

Ian Doreian Roxbury Open Studios
Ian Doreian

Marilyn Jan Casey Roxbury Open Studios
Marilyn Jan Casey

Patricia Thaxton Roxbury Open Studios
Patricia Thaxton

Peter Bass Roxbury Open Studios
Peter Bass

Ernesto Valencia Roxbury Open Studios
Ernesto Valencia

Taylor Pam Roxbury Open Studios
Taylor Pam

Maddu Huacuja Roxbury Open Studios
Maddu Huacuja

Theodore Green Roxbury Open Studios
Theodore Green

Zahirah Truth Roxbury Open Studios
Zahira Truth

Freedom of Information installation Roxbury Open Studios
Freedom of Information installation

Marlon Forrester Roxbury Open Studios
Marlon Forrester

Do-Right Ministries Roxbury Open Studios
Do-Right Ministries